Mission & values

Our mission

To help people lead happier healthier lives

We aim to be the most trusted partner in active wellbeing media by growing passionate, dedicated audiences in our sectors. We promise to innovate and constantly push the boundaries to give our audiences the very best service in every way. We don’t just want to be an occasional resource for information, but an essential part of our audiences’ everyday lives. Within three years we aim to create 10 million meaningful connections with them every single month, and within 10 years that will be 100 million monthly interactions.

Our values

At Anthem we strive to be the best, and to help us do this we have four core values that are at the heart of the company…

Be customer centric
What the audience wants has to come first. We’re not building brands for vanity reasons, we actually want to give our audience what they need. So everything we do, every decision we make, is based on what is best for that group of people. We push ourselves, we innovate, we take risks, we try new things… but we do it all to give our audiences a better experience.

Own It
Anyone can have a good idea, but the real talent lies in turning that idea into reality. At Anthem we actively encourage staff to run with their ideas and push their creativity to the limits. We support and nurture each other along the way, but ultimately ownership makes things happen.

Rome may not have been built in a day, but it wasn’t built by just one person either. To make anything a success, collaboration is key – whether that’s between the departments within the company or with external agencies and advertisers. We’re dedicated to creating, nurturing and developing partnerships to get the best results for everyone.

Have each other’s backs
We work as a team and we look after each other. When someone needs help, we offer it and when times are difficult, we all get involved to solve a problem. And it’s not just about internal relationships, we always have our audiences’ and clients’ best interests at heart too!


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