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At Anthem, we pride ourselves on being experts in our chosen sectors, and key to this is knowing our audiences inside out. Every year we carry out key pieces of research for each brand, ranging from magazine-focused surveys to national research, advertising effectiveness surveys and live focus groups to make sure we’re keeping up-to-date with our audiences’ wants and needs.

Brand surveys let us know what our audience thinks of our print and digital properties, what they’d like to see more or less of, allowing us to refine our products and make sure we’re really giving people what they want. Before we undertake any product launch or redesign, we always carry out a piece of research to find out what is really missing from the market so we know we’re creating something that meets our audiences’ needs, rather than something we want to produce for vanity reasons. Considering how many awards we’ve won for our redesigns over the years, our approach clearly has some merit!

Our advertising effectiveness surveys allow us to work closer with our partners and provide them with an invaluable service that delivers value that’s just not available elsewhere. They can find out how their adverts perform against others, how positioning and size effects the audience’s ability to recall seeing ads, and even which medium is most trusted and influential to the audience.

In 2019, we also embarked on two pieces of national researchThe Big Vegan Survey 2019 and The National Women’s Running Survey. For both of these, questions were focused around consumer habits, motivation and buying impulses, seeking information about the audiences’ lifestyles rather than simply their opinions on the brands. To widen our reach and attract responses from as many vegans and female runners as possible, we worked with key charities and organisations to promote the survey and, in return for their support, gave them the full results of the survey which was otherwise available to purchase. Rather than just assuming what our audiences think about key issues relating to veganism and women’s running, these pieces of research have enabled us to become the authorities in the subjects. 

For more information on research opportunities at Anthem, get in touch with simon.lewis@anthem.co.uk


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