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Anthem is a UK pioneer of magazine publisher-led, paid for video courses. Its first series, The Women’s Running Injury Prevention and Recovery Course, launched in the summer of 2019 and will be followed by further releases in the spring of 2020 and beyond.

The courses bring the knowledge and skills of our editorial teams and experts in the field together to create high-value, instructional videos that our audience can buy and enjoy in their own homes, on the move and at their convenience. The videos have been created with leading subject professionals and a 3-time BAFTA-nominated filmmaker, to guarantee high levels of satisfaction for our customers.

We work closely with industry partners to promote the courses beyond our own audiences on a generous 50:50 affiliate basis. So if you talk to thousands of people in our subject areas regularly and would like to offer these high value courses and earn substantial commission, then do contact us.

We are also interested to hear from potential content providers for our next rounds of courses. If you have any ideas for high value video courses to suit any of our markets, please get in to touch.

To find out more, please contact verity.travers@anthem.co.uk.


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